About Us

Our Mission & Values

Our Mission

Connect, inspire, and support people everywhere on their journey towards fulfillment and greatness.

Our Values

These are the values that guide our company.

1. Treat people as human beings first.

Be a great company to work for and work with. And, fun, too! Bring heart and soul to uncharted territories.

2. Life is better shared with others.

Make it easier, more helpful, and more fun for people to share life. Build awesome collaborative communities that change lives.

3. Follow fun and aliveness.

Help people pursue that which they find fun and brings aliveness. Remind people that loving oneself is often the best way to love others.

4. Dare to be open and honest.

Be a safe place for people to deal openly with the challenges of life.

5. Expect and embrace mistakes.

Build an environment where people are free to make mistakes. Respond with grace and love.

6. Be not afraid or at least admit it when you are.

Not let fear hinder us from pursuing our dreams. Recognize that fear is not a monster but a friend to be embraced.

7. Be present, wherever you are, and savor the journey.

Help people stop and embrace wherever and whoever they are. Help people savor each moment of the journey to their goals.

8. See life as a whole.

Help people nurture a holistic approach to life: professional, physical, and personal.