Lori Sokol, Ph.D.

Lori Sokol, Ph.D., is a trained educational psychologist who specializes in providing proven learning techniques and interventions within the corporate sector. She has served as a learning consultant and executive coach to a variety of businesses (large and small) to help foster supportive and cohesive training on a variety of issues involving work/life balance and diversity.

Dr. Sokol’s articles and blogs on work/life balance and diversity have appeared in the Huffington Post, Slate.com, NY Times Business Blog, the Baltimore Sun, and other publications. She continues to speak both nationally and internationally on these topics, has served as the host of her own weekly radio show ‘Juggling Act’ on 1490AM WGCH, and has also been interviewed in a variety of broadcast media including MSNBC, Fox 5, and regional Cablevision networks.

Her book, 'The Agile Workplace and Workforce: The New Future of Work,' was published by Working Mother Media in October, 2011.