GPS Your Career: Navigate Your Path to Career Success

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Self-Guided Workshop

Are your talent and hard work getting you where you want to go? I'll give you the GPS to succeeding in your business and career.

About This Workshop

Bonnie Marcus - GPS Your Career: Navigate Your Path to Career Success

Wouldn’t it be great if you could just plug your career goal into a magical GPS and presto…you would get step by step directions on what to do to achieve incredible success? Of course, nothing is quite that easy! You need to do the work to achieve your goals. Moving your career
forward takes strategy, direction, and confidence. And it takes an intentional focus.

This workshop gives you a strategic path to reach your goals by helping you to identify where you are now (your value proposition) and how to network, promote, and position yourself to build the credibility
and visibility you need to propel your career forward (your destination).

Who should take this workshop?

Entrepreneurs, people in transition, professionals and aspiring leaders

What is the recommended time commitment for this workshop?

1 hour per session + 1 hour for office hours


Bonnie Marcus

Bonnie Marcus

Career Coach

Bonnie Marcus, M.Ed., CEC, is a Certified Executive Coach, author, and professional speaker. As the founder and principal of Women’s Success Coaching, Bonnie assists professional women to position and promote themselves to advance their careers.

With 20+ years of sales and management experience, Bonnie has an extensive business background including CEO of a ServiceMaster company and VP of Sales at Medical Staffing Network and two others national companies in the healthcare and software industries. She has held executive positions in startup companies and Fortune 500 companies. honored Women’s Success Coaching in 2010,2011, and 2012 as one of the top 100 websites for professional women stating, “Women’s Success Coaching weighs on the many building blocks of empowering women in business, from assertive communication to self promotion to sensitivity training.”

Her weekly radio show, GPS Your Career: A Woman’s Guide To Success, provides practical tips and resources for professional women to succeed in business.

Bonnie is a contributing writer for Her articles have also been published in ForbesWoman, WomenEntrepreneur, Central Valley Business Times. She has been featured in the Wall Street Journal and CIO Magazine.

Bonnie received a BA from Connecticut College and a M.Ed. from New York University.


  • 1

    What Is Your Destination?

    Discover the importance of thinking strategically about your career and how to set your intention for career success.

  • 2

    Where Are You Now?

    Identifying and connecting with your value proposition is the starting point to moving your career forward. What value do you offer to your company, your clients, your department, your community? In this session, you will learn how to uncover your unique value proposition to help you position and promote yourself for success.

  • 3

    Roadside Assistance

    Successful careers are not built in a vacuum. We all need a diversified portfolio of human capital to help us reach our goal. This session helps you to identify your power network as the first step in building and leveraging relationships to propel your career forward. The second step is to communicate your value to your network and leverage the relationships to advance your career. We often make assumptions that people automatically understand how our work benefits the organization. In this session, you will learn how to communicate your value proposition to your network by helping people understand how your work specifically impacts business outcomes and why they should care.

  • 4

    The Fast Track

    Identify ways to increase your visibility and credibility within your organization as well as your community to establish your subject matter expertise.