Lead Yourself + Your Startup to Success Without a Meltdown

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Self-Guided Workshop

Discover how NOT to "disappear into the fire" of your work from Jerry Colonna, former top VC and now life coach to Internet CEOs.

About This Workshop

Jerry Colonna - Lead Yourself & Your Startup to Success Without a Meltdown

You were born to be a leader. But when and how does that "leadership you" show itself? Drawing on his work as a venture capitalist and life coach to company leaders, Jerry says some magic, some alchemy, takes place in the crucible that forms a leader.

That alchemy occurs when what we do mixes with who we are and is cooked by the heat of what we believe. This workshop is for those just starting a business or for those who have been leading a business, and want to maximize their leadership capacity.

Creating Your Own Circle: If you'd like to create your own private small group for your organization, colleagues or friends, please email as at help@cojourneo.com and we'll be happy to help you coordinate.

Who should take this workshop?

Entrepreneurs, founders, CEOs, aspiring leaders

What is the recommended time commitment for this workshop?

1 hour per session


Jerry Colonna

Jerry Colonna

Life Coach

In 2002 Jerry decided that the venture capital work that earned him a place on Forbes ASAP's list of the best VCs in the country was just not enough. Then in 2007, he became a certified professional coach.

Jerry describes himself as an old guy who was there at the beginning. Over his career he has been a tech reporter; a co-founder of one of the earliest ad-supporter web-based media businesses; co-founder of the first Internet-specific venture firm (CMG@Ventures); a co-founder (with Fred Wilson) of Flatiron Partners; a teacher; a writer; and now a Life/Executive Coach focused primarily on entrepreneurs. Jerry lives in Port Washington, NY, with his family.


  • 1

    Why Is It So Difficult?

    Have you experienced the rollercoaster life of dealing with CEO loneliness, the frustration of investors and board members, and the anguish of managing people? As a VC and life coach, Jerry has seen it all and has powerful insights into those difficulties.

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    Disappearing into the Fire

    The frenzied, frenetic, answer-that-email-now-or-the-company-will-die-even-though-it's-3 a.m. attitude can destroy you, your family and your company as you Disappear into the Fire. Jerry almost did just that as a VC but managed to escape to tell you the remedy.

  • 3

    The Crucible of Leadership

    You’ve probably suffered “the inevitable existential pain” of a business “rite of passage” that was, at the least, stressful. Maybe worse. Jerry tells you how that crucible is the place where what you do and who you are is cooked by the heat of what you believe.

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    Work-Life Balance Is Bullshit

    Leading yourself as you invest in your team can be exhausting. You feel like life is unraveling or the wheels are coming off. “Being present in whatever you’re doing” Jerry says, is one key to surviving....and even thriving.