Work/Life Balance: Create a Flexible Workplace Without Breaking the Bank

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Help your employees balance career & personal life while increasing their work productivity and company loyalty.

About This Workshop

Lori Sokol, Ph.D. - Work/Life Balance: Create a Flexible Workplace Without Breaking the Bank

When it comes to juggling work and personal life, the responsibilities can seem overwhelming. As an entrepreneur herself, Dr. Sokol shows employers how their organizations can better help their employees master the daily challenges necessary to balance a successful career and personal life while increasing their work productivity and company loyalty.

A recognized expert in the work/life field, Dr. Sokol successfully shows organizations how they can attract and retain the most productive and loyal employees by instituting successful and cost-effective work/life programs, resources and services regardless of an employee's gender, age, orientation, marital status or geographic location.

Further, as a work/life coach, Dr. Sokol helps employees, themselves, master the tools necessary to better balance their professional and personal responsibilities.

Who should take this workshop?

CEOs, leaders, founders, entrepreneurs, and executives

What is the recommended time commitment for this workshop?

1 hour per session + 1 hour for office hours


Lori Sokol, Ph.D.

Lori Sokol, Ph.D.

Life Coach

Lori Sokol, Ph.D., is a trained educational psychologist who specializes in providing proven learning techniques and interventions within the corporate sector. She has served as a learning consultant and executive coach to a variety of businesses (large and small) to help foster supportive and cohesive training on a variety of issues involving work/life balance and diversity.

Dr. Sokol’s articles and blogs on work/life balance and diversity have appeared in the Huffington Post,, NY Times Business Blog, the Baltimore Sun, and other publications. She continues to speak both nationally and internationally on these topics, has served as the host of her own weekly radio show ‘Juggling Act’ on 1490AM WGCH, and has also been interviewed in a variety of broadcast media including MSNBC, Fox 5, and regional Cablevision networks.

Her book, 'The Agile Workplace and Workforce: The New Future of Work,' was published by Working Mother Media in October, 2011.


  • 1

    It’s Not Your Father’s Workplace Any More: How to Attract A More Diverse and Productive Work Force

    As today's workforce becomes more diverse and dispersed, diversity and inclusion leaders recognize that while it is necessary to continue to address discrimination issues related to gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, age and disabilities, it is no longer sufficient to limit their focus to these topics. In this session we take a hard look at how these leaders are using flexible work to achieve their business objectives.

  • 2

    10 Ways That the Newest Workplace Technologies Can Help Your Bottom Line

    While technology enables work to be done anywhere, any time, for too many employees this translates into not only working everywhere, but also all the time. This presents unique challenges as well as opportunities for employers who are re-thinking the way they can leverage technology to more successfully support their workforce. This seminar will document the ways in which technology has become one of the most significant catalysts for the development of a more productive workforce while reducing workplace and workforce costs today and for the foreseeable future.

  • 3

    How to Create A Biz Continuity Plan That Will Help You Sleep Better at Night

    While it may be impossible to predict what kind of business interruption a company may experience, the truth is that every company is at risk of some kind of emergency occurring at some point in time. Those responsible for an organization's disaster and business continuity plans therefore need to know how to work in partnership with human resources and information technology to ensure that smooth transitions are developed to limit or eliminate work interruptions, or to at least ensure that work can resume quickly during a crisis.

  • 4

    Bogged Down by Medical Insurance Costs? 10 Common Sense Ways to Develop A Healthier Workforce

    When it comes to employees' health and wellness, common sense is not always common practice. We all know that when we feel that we have control over our work and our life, both benefit and we tend to feel better, less stressed, more rested and focused. It is what we call work-life "effectiveness," because when work is effective, life benefits and when life works, work benefits. In this seminar, we will discuss how employers can develop approaches and create programs that achieve improved health outcomes for the good of employees and the organization.